2 classes plus X-CORE grip socks! Save $45.

We require clients to wear grip socks to keep our machines clean, happy, and less smelly.


Newbie Unlimited Month


Come as many times as you'd like! Save $150.

* Available to clients who purchase the Newbie Special, just email



X-CORE is Oakland's premier fitness studio offering high intensity pilates to strengthen, tone and elongate the muscles ... all in just 40 minutes. At X-CORE, you'll become your best self by continuously challenging your body and mind to bring it to the neXt level. No matter what level of athleticism you are, we leverage music and communal energy to drive towards a common goal of achievement.

Lagree Fitness™is a proven method that improves endurance, jump-starts metabolism, burns fat, and increases flexibility. It is intense on the muscles, but low-impact and safe on the joints, spine, and connective tissues.

Oh, and did we mention that each workout can torch over 500 calories?! 

Ready?! Let's get on that X level. 



The Megaformer is a spring-based trainer, and a state of the art tool for body sculpting and improving dynamic fitness.

The Megaformer is safe and effective for professional athletes, as well as those new to exercise. The machine is designed to work any part of the body, especially the core musculature.