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X-CORE’s X-CLIMB Training program is designed to bring on high caliber instructors to teach and grow the first beat-based group fitness VersaClimber program in the Bay Area.

In order to maximize the time spent training, and ensure each trainee receives the appropriate attention, candidates will be required to audition and be selected in order to move forward and take our in-house training program.


Training Pass

As a commitment to training, instructor candidates can take 30 days of unlimited classes for $100 prior to training

How to Prepare for Auditions

  • Take as many classes as possible, and ask questions!

  • Try to take a class from each instructor as each instructor style is very different

  • Stay after classes to practice. You can jump on the mic or pop earbuds in to practice your songs


What to Expect

Each candidate will teach all the candidates 2 songs. We’re not looking for perfection, we just want to know that you can:

  1. Find the beat and hold it

  2. Can cue a class into the next move

How to Prepare

Pick 2 songs that you LOVE and create a routine:

  1. one hip hop song that has 2x2s and 4x4s

  2. one EDM song with a drop that brings you to a sprint

What we’re looking for

  • Cueing

  • Technique

  • Energy



  • Fill out Instructor Availability Survey

  • Sign NDA

  • X-CORE will be subsidizing the training for this round of training (yay). However, to ensure there is a mutual commitment and candidates are committed to teaching after training, a $500 check written to 'X-CORE, LLC' is required prior to training. This means that we'll expect a commitment to teach with X-CORE for a minimum of 9 months. Once your commitment is fulfilled, your check will be voided. Should you decide to not teach after training or teach less than the committed time, the candidate will forego their deposit. If the candidate does not complete training, they will receive 25% of their deposit back. 

What to Expect:

  • Training will be 24 hours split amongst 3-4 days.

  • All training will be done in-house.

  • We’ll bring in a 3rd party Master Trainer later for Advanced training.

  • Our all star instructors will teach Trainees how to listen to and use music to curate playlists.

  • Trainees will be taught basic, intermediate, and advanced exercises as well as modifications to accommodate different fitness levels.  Training will also cover correct movement patterns, conditioning, muscle recruitment, rhythm and beats, performance skills and stage presence.

  • Trainees will be expected to put together mock classes based on training from that day’s lessons.  

  • Throughout training, the lead instructor will provide ongoing feedback to the trainees.

  • Trainees must attend every day. No last-minute attendance allowed.

  • All trainees should have access to a device with Spotify or iTunes/Apple Music.

  • Once group instruction is complete, trainees will have the opportunity to train one-on-one with current instructors to become instructor-ready.

  • Trainees will be evaluated daily by the Lead Instructor to determine whether they are instructor-ready.

Commitment level

Must be able to attend training dates (3 days, about 6 hours a day) AND take a minimum of 3 X-CORE classes/week


Following training, we cannot emphasize this enough, but practice practice practice will be THE BEST way to become a great instructor. Taking as MANY classes throughout the process as a trainee will benefit you so much as you find your voice and build upon your style.

Before moving onto the schedule, we want everyone;

  • To be able to teach a high energy class,

  • Can accurately cue a class,

  • To create a strong playlist,

  • Understand the benefits of Climbing,

  • Understand proper form and give modifications for injuries

Open Studio Hours

  • For your 1st open studio hour, please let Cora & Elaine know when you’ll be coming in so we can coordinate. We will give you a code to a lockbox at the studio that has the front door key, walk you through how to work the sound system and show you how machines should be set up before leaving. This will also be the time to walk us through your mock routine you plan on teaching your friends/family for your studio ready demo.

  • During non-scheduled class times, come in to practice routines on friends/family to get you prepared to teach a full class.

  • If you don’t have a group fitness background, it is highly recommended you practice a minimum of 6+ times before moving onto a studio ready demo.

  • Remember practice makes perfect and you will be so much more confident and successful when teaching your studio ready demo

Studio Ready Demo (for lead instructor)

  • Full 30-min class you will teach friends

  • Everything must be prepared as if you were to put on a regular class (routine written down, timing on cue, music prepared and know how to work the sound system)

Community Classes

  • You’ll be put on the schedule to teach community classes (remember some people may have never taken a class before and this will be a great time to put everything we’ve practiced into real life scenarios).

  • During every community class, we’ll evaluate your growth and give you feedback.

  • Minimum of 3 community classes before moving on to the schedule.

  • If you need more than 10+ community classes, we will re-evaluate and determine next steps

Schedule Ready

  • Based on feedback from Community Classes, if we feel you are ready, then you will officially be added to the schedule! Congrats :)

**Because we are all at different stages of our group fitness background, should you feel you’re ready to progress to the next steps quicker than others, please speak with Elaine and Cora individually. We’ll get you moving on to the next steps.


How many classes am I expected to teach?

We ask all instructors to teach a minimum of 4 classes a week. Ideally, instructors can teach a 2 class block with 20 min between the classes.

Do I come up with my own playlists?
Yes! You should teach classes using music you enjoy. Each instructor’s personality comes out in their music - do you, be creative, and have fun! If playlists aren’t in your wheelhouse, our awesome instructors will help you craft your first few playlists.

Can I teach at other studios?

Yes! We understand instructors have their own motivations for teaching and X-CORE does not prevent instructors from teaching for other studios. We do ask each instructor to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to ensure the confidentiality of information disclosed at X-CORE.

How do I get on the schedule?

After group training, trainees will be expected to teach Friends and Family classes on their own time to get their feet wet. Once X-CORE’s Lead instructor passes a trainee based on mock classes, the trainee will teach community classes, which are free classes open to the public. We will never put someone on the schedule until we feel they are 100% ready and meet the criteria to become an X-CLIMB instructor.


If you don’t already know, we have the BEST community of clients and instructors. We’re a growing fitness family and aim to bring in positive, encouraging and supportive members that are fueled by the success of others. On top of that, you get to take X-CORE classes and be a part of a brand new fitness craze!


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