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  • As a commitment to training, instructor candidates can take 30 days of unlimited classes for $100 prior to training

  • Take as many classes as possible to learn the method. We encourage you to try each instructor as each instructor style is very different


The X-CORE Instructor Training is the most thorough training of its kind and includes the following:

  • Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics

  • Essential XFormer® exercises including variations, modifications and proper form

  • Contraindications and special considerations (how to deal with injuries, muscular imbalances, pregnancy, etc)

  • Teaching presence and microphone technique

  • Access to the studio for individual practice and mock classes

  • Personal coaching and support from X-CORE staff throughout the duration of the training

  • and more!

Commitment level

Must be able to attend training dates (3 days, about 6 hours a day) AND take a minimum of 3 X-CORE classes/week


Following training, we cannot emphasize this enough, but practice practice practice. This will be THE BEST way to fast tracking onto the schedule. Taking as MANY classes throughout the process as a trainee will benefit you as you find your voice and build upon your style.

Below you’ll find the step by step on how to navigate your way to being on the schedule.

Before moving onto the schedule, we want everyone;

  • To be able to create & teach a fun, interactive, inspiring and effective class.

  • Want to make sure everyone understands alignment, clear cueing, proper hands on corrections, and how to modify your classes for people with injuries and/or limitations.

  • Pre/post natal knowledge necessary to nurture confident and strong mommies.

Open Studio Hours

  • For your 1st open studio hour, please text Cora (925) 381-9255 and coordinate on a time to come in to the studio. We will give you a key to the studio and walk you through how to work the sound system and show you how machines should be set up before leaving. This will also be the time to walk us through your mock routine you plan on teaching your friends/family for your studio ready demo. From there feel free to stay, practice and ask any questions.

  • During non-scheduled class times, please come in to practice routines on friends/family to get you prepared to teach a 40 min.class. Cora and Elaine are always available to sit in on mock classes to give feedback and help work through any roadblocks.

  • It is highly recommended you take class as much as possible and practice, practice, practice. You will be so much more confident and successful when teaching your studio ready demo

Studio Ready Demo (for Elaine/Cora)

  • Full 40-min routine you will teach friends/family (with Cora or Elaine)

  • Everything must be prepared as if you were to put on a regular class (routine written down, timing on cue, music prepared and know how to work the sound system)

  • Prior to moving into community classes, we want everyone;

    • To be able to create and  teach a fun, interactive, inspiring and effective class.

    • understand alignment, clear cueing, proper hands on corrections, and how to level up or modify your classes for the clients.

    • Knowing proper modifications for people with injuries and/or limitations.

    • Pre/post natal knowledge necessary to nurture confident and strong mommies.

Community Classes

  • Teach this class as if you were on the schedule -

    • prepared, showing up early, music ready to go, greeting clients with friendly demeanor, asking about injuries, ready to walk them through the machines, ready to teach a kickass 40 minute workout and following up with after class questions (especially with new clients i.e. “how was class?”, “did you enjoy”)

  • Remember some people may have never taken a class before and this will be a great time to put everything we’ve practiced into real life scenarios.

  • During every community class, we will evaluate your growth and give you feedback

  • Minimum of 2 community classes before moving on to the schedule.

  • If you need more than 10+ community classes, we will re-evaluate and determine next steps

Schedule Ready

  • Based on feedback from Community Classes and Cora/Elaine, if we feel you are ready, then you will officially be added to the schedule and be part of Team-X!!! Congrats :)

**Because we are all at different stages of our group fitness background, should you feel you’re ready to progress to the next steps quicker than others, please speak with Elaine and Cora individually. We’ll get you moving on to the next steps.

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