the Megaformer


Since its introduction into the fitness world by creator, Sebastien Lagree, the Lagree Fitness method with its spring based trainer the Megaformer, has been a state of the art tool for body sculpting and improving dynamic fitness. Its utility is apparent in subjects new to exercise as well experienced athletes. Through several redesigns, the machine has evolved to devices which can be used to work any part of the body, especially the core musculature, in all planes.

While there are many differences compared to the traditional Pilates Reformer, a unique feature of the Megaformer is the ability for the subjects to stand on the surface, training balance as well as strength. While doing LF training, the subject is taught to move the target muscle through the full range of motion very slowly, to sequentially recruit muscle fibers until muscular failure occurs.

Once the muscle has been worked to exhaustion, the subject’s myocytes will be stimulated to increase their capacity for work through hypertrophy. The net effect in athletic subjects is increased muscle strength and definition. It also promotes the neuro-muscular connection needed to train stability musculature often neglected in standard weight training.

When using the Megaformer in patients with severe debilitation, or neurologic damage, modifications are needed to accommodate the disability. When used effectively LF training can stimulate the missing neuromuscular connection, improving muscular strength and endurance. The aims of this case report is to illustrate the outcome of a patient treated with LF training and describe some of the modifications to the typical LF training session needed when treating deconditioned and disabled patients.


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