New Instructor Gifts

  • Instructors receive X-CORE swag to rep X-CORE

Classes & Discounts

  • Drop into any class for free if there is space. The instructor does not get comped for drop ins

  • Instructors receive 4 classes a month

  • Interns receive 3 classes weekly

  • Additional Classes

  • If you want to reserve a spot and you’ve used the allotted 4 instructor classes, each additional class is $20 per class

  • Instructors receive 30% off class packs


  • Staff receives 30% off all retail, including clothing, accessories, food and drink

Friends and Family Comps

  • If there is space in class, you can add up to 3 friends per class. Note: you will not be compensated for it.

  • 1 X-CORE friend or family can receive a 6-month unlimited pack at $99 per month (can be applied to yourself)



  • Your regular blocks should be taught by your awesomeness at least 80% of the time. If you would like a permanent schedule change, please let us know 2 weeks prior.

Sub Requests

  • At least 7 days of notice is required for time away.

  • Last minute subs should be found only in emergency situations.

  • Instructors must find their own subs. Reach out to your peers individually or post it in the Whatsapp Sub Request group. Once confirmed, notify Cora and Elaine in the Whatsapp group.

  • Email info@xcorestudio to inform us of your time away.



Alarm clock issues, not waking up on time, not managing your calendar, or forgetting to secure a sub are inexcusable reasons for missing your block. Clients are relying on you to be responsible and show up to teach them. When classes are unexpectedly canceled, X-CORE will credit clients with a free class to make up your absence and loses the goodwill and confidence of disappointed clients.

Rules of respect

Respect your teammates

  • Keep the interactions and gossip positive!

  • Leave the class setup and equipment in a state that you would want to find it.

Respect the brand - as an extension of X-CORE, you represent X-CORE in and out of the studio.