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  • Weight limit = 350

  • Created in 1981

  • The VersaClimber stands at a 75 degree angle

  • The Climber is 7'10" tall

  • Fun fact: Drago uses it to train in Rocky IV


With the VersaClimber, you are climbing vertical which forces the body to use the large anti-gravity muscles – the user is pushing and pulling and using the core stabilizers to hold themselves up, and of course all in a non-impact environment. If you see your body as an “X” when climbing in a cross crawl pattern, you are transferring forces from right to left and top to the bottom of your body. The slight rotation in the torso creates power and helps strengthen the spine stabilizers.

Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern

The VC mimics the natural motion of crawling, which we call Contra-Lateral movement pattern. As babies we learn to crawl, which is a developmental movement pattern that ties us together neurologically. When the brain communicates and processes information well, the body also benefits. The contra-lateral movement pattern unites sensory systems and helps to improve your hand-eye coordination and make your workout more functional.


Why do people love X-CLIMB?

  • Fun - great music, high energy, everyone can do it.

  • Challenging - increases the heart rate and keeps it there, making your body work harder.

  • Effective - great for conditioning, burning calories and losing fat while building muscle tone and increasing muscle performance. Since multiple muscles in the upper and lower body are working simultaneously in a vertical motion, the body requires more oxygen in the working muscles. The higher the demand for oxygen, the more calories you burn.

  • Efficient - just 30 minutes is equivalent to 1 hour on the treadmill

  • Safe - no impact on joints allows everyone to strengthen and condition


  • Total body workout

  • Great for weight loss

  • Can help to improve posture

  • Safe and zero to no impact

  • Can help strengthen the heart

Targeted Muscles

Upper body climber + Lower body stepper = a Total Body Workout.

Targets the following muscle groups:

  • Arms

  • Chest

  • Shoulders

  • Abdominals / Core

  • Back

  • Glutes

  • Major leg muscles including the hamstrings and quadriceps


Here are some recommendations for climbers with the following body concerns:

Bad knees - no resistance and don't come down as low

Bad shoulders - no strikes

Bad back - don't stand, keep leaning slightly forward


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