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X-CORE utilizes Slow Resistance Training (SRT) and fast transitions to deliver high intensity Pilates. The goal is to burn out one muscle group at a time, using a blocking technique, before moving onto the next muscle group.

Each block is about 3-4 moves, 1 to 2 minutes long. Transitions are meant to be quick and seamless to get maximum exertion in 40 minutes.

X-CORE offers several class types:

  • The Basics

    • 40 minutes, slower pace, less variations, more instruction.

    • Start with the modified move and tell Level 2s how they can make it harder.

    • Keep the moves simple and at the front of the machine.

  • Total Body Burn

    • 40 minutes of total body conditioning.

    • The pace is faster, offer more variations to make it the class more challenging.

    • Offer modifications to make moves easier.

  • Arms and Abs

    • 40 minutes with focus on arms and abs

    • Recommended for clients who have taken 3-5 Basics classes

  • Booty and Abs

    • 40 minutes with focus on the glutes and abs

    • Recommended for clients who have taken 3-5 Basics classes

More information on slow twitch muscle fibers:

SRT helps build slow twitch muscle fibers, which are extremely resistant to fatigue. Slow-twitch muscle fibers use oxygen to help create adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the chemical that actually fuels muscle contractions. The more slow twitch muscle fibers you build, the more fat you burn and the more long, lean muscle tone you see. Movements or exercises that require muscular endurance use more slow twitch fibers than fast. Runners, in particular, benefit from from this method.


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