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  • First weigh in: $45

  • Second weigh-in (if weighed on 6/22): $35

Do you know what your body is made of? Well we don’t either, but we’ve partnered with KOTA to tell us!

Think you're right arm dominant? You might be surprised. What's your muscle to fat ratio? You might find you need more strength training than cardio to help burn that last bit of fat. Let's use science to put things in perspective. Only good things can come from knowing what your body composition is.

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KOTA uses state-of-the-art technology to tell us your body composition, including body fat, lean muscle, hydration and so much more. We take it to the neXt level and use science to meet and maintain your health goals.


  • Scheduling and payments for the body composition tests are made directly with KOTA.

  • If there is absolutely no way you make it into the studio, contact KOTA directly at 510-500-4008 by text or call and arrange to scan at one of their locations.


We are choosing to work with KOTA because after extensive research, we believe using their Medical-Grade technology is one of the best products and experiences. And we demand only the best for you, our members. A few reasons we chose KOTA:

  1. They can set up in the privacy of our studio and are available only to YOU, our members.

  2. Their Body Composition experts are not just trained on explaining your results, they make sure you walk away with the knowledge you need to make changes to your results.

  3. Their Medical-Grade technology achieves accurate results in 44 seconds; meaning your appointment is spent talking about your results and how to take action.

We look forward to continuing to provide only the best for you. If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to reach out!
*All client information is confidential to KOTA. KOTA is HIPAA compliant.

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