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Song 1

Experience: Warm Up

  • Middle to long range of motion

  • Chorus – long range, max 30'

  • Other verses – stay in middle range

Climb Type: Slow Climb

BPM: 55-80

Song 2

Experience: Build Up

  • Build intensity

  • Faster pace, middle range

  • Long ranges in the chorus

  • Reverse grip

Climb Type: Fast Climb

BPM: 80-100

Song 3

Experience: Hype

  • Middle range into sprints

  • Max 30 second sprints

Climb Type: Sprint Climb

BPM: 60-75

Song 4

Experience: Your Choice, get creative

  • Middle range into 2x2

Climb Type: Slow, medium, fast heavy

BPM: >60 or <60 BPM (opposite of Song 3)

Song 5

Experience: Squats

  • Arms get a break

  • Squat down to the lower bar

  • Single count squat

  • Chorus - double time

  • Can add resistance – two turns at max (keep it at a single count to work lower body)

Climb Type: Heavier/Slow Climb or Fast Climb

BPM: 50-60 or 100

Song 6

Experience: Strikes

  • Middle range to strikes

  • Strike hold

  • Max 30 sec strikes

  • Less is more

Climb Type: Medium / Fast Climb

BPM: 80-90

Song 7

Experience: Resistance

  • Slow song

  • Talk them through it, they can adjust it

  • Focus on form

  • Long range with resistance – 4 turns (do not max out)

  • The resistance should be high enough to challenge the climber, but low enough to get the full length of the isolation

  • Arms and legs do all the work, squeeze the legs

  • Can add isolations

Climb Type: Heavy Climb

BPM: 40-50

Song 8

Experience: Build Up

  • Second to last song

  • Middle range to 4x4

  • Faster pace

  • No resistance

  • Repeat sequence for the entire song

  • Max 30 sec for 4x4

Climb Type: Dance Climb

BPM: 64-80

Song 9

Experience: Hype

  • Sprint song

  • Middle range to sprints

  • Can mix it up and add 2x2, etc. (only add 1 extra move, not too many)

  • 3 sprints is ideal

Climb Type: Sprint Climb

BPM: 60-75



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