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Create a Journey for the Climbers…

X-CLIMB is designed to be a full mind-body experience.

This section covers the physical journey of how we use different moves and choreography to break up the monotony of just climbing.

Later in the Music portion of training, we’ll cover the mental journey, and how we use music to create an emotional experience for the Climber.

Song 1

Experience: Warm Up

  • Middle to long range of motion

  • Chorus – long range, max 30'

  • Other verses – stay in middle range

Song 2

Experience: Build Up

  • Build intensity

  • Faster pace, middle range

  • Long ranges in the chorus

  • Reverse grip

Song 3

Experience: Hype

  • Middle range into sprints

  • Max 30 second sprints

Song 4

Experience: Your Choice

  • Middle range into 2x2

Song 5

Experience: Squats

  • Arms get a break

  • Squat down to the lower bar

  • Single count squat

  • Chorus - double time

  • Can add resistance – two turns at max (keep it at a single count to work lower body)

Song 6

Experience: Strikes

  • Middle range to strikes

  • Strike hold

  • Max 30 sec strikes

  • Less is more

Song 7

Experience: Resistance

  • Slow song

  • Talk them through it, they can adjust it

  • Focus on form

  • Long range with resistance – 4 turns (do not max out)

  • The resistance should be high enough to challenge the climber, but low enough to get the full length of the isolation

  • Arms and legs do all the work, squeeze the legs

  • Can add isolations

Song 8

Experience: Build Up

  • Second to last song

  • Middle range to 4x4

  • Faster pace

  • No resistance

  • Repeat sequence for the entire song

  • Max 30 sec for 4x4

Song 9

Experience: Hype / Finale

  • Sprint song

  • Middle range to sprints

  • Can mix it up and add 2x2, etc. (only add 1 extra move, not too many)

  • 3 sprints is ideal


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