• Arrive at least 15 minutes before your class starts.

  • Make sure front desk area is clean.

  • Turn lights and fans on (as needed).

  • Set up sound system and mic - test the mic volume and music volume. Each instructor’s voice carries differently; make sure you know your mic and volume levels.

  • Make sure machines are set up properly.

  • Review class roster - look for new clients (green stars) or unfamiliar names.

  • Greet each and every client by name prior to class. If you don't know the client, introduce yourself.     

  • New clients (green stars next to names in MindBody), give them an orientation of the studio and the machines.

    • Put stuff away in cubbies / lockers

    • Towels, water, restroom and changing room location

    • Grippy sock requirements

    • Give them machine suggestions (place them next to mirror to help with form)

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Alarm clock issues, not waking up on time, not managing your calendar, or forgetting to secure a sub are inexcusable reasons for missing your block. Clients are relying on you to be responsible and show up to teach them. When classes are unexpectedly canceled, X-CORE will credit clients with a free class to make up your absence and loses the goodwill and confidence of disappointed clients.


  • Is the studio neat and clean with all machines set up in default position?

  • Set up machines at the end of your shift

    • long straps on inside

    • short straps hung up

    • pole put away under machine

    • 1 Yellow / White spring load

    • ensure all fallen springs are placed back.

  • Throw away left behind cups, wipes, or trash items.

  • Email studio or client issues to

    • Are there any operational issues that require management attention? E.g. machine broken, mic not working, etc.

    • Are there any client issues raised during your shift that require management attention?

  • Is everything turned off/put away/locked?

  • Turn off lights, mic, and fans

  • Make sure mic and iPad are put away in cubby. Hang the mic up and iPad is charged.

  • Is the front door locked and back door closed?