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  • Upbeat music is playing in the background

  • Open the door, introduce yourself, fist bump as people come into class

  • Know your newbies/locations of their Versas

  • Remember names


*Play music without lyrics while you’re explaining the VC.

Talking Points for New People:

  • Hold handrails for support and step up on the pedals until both feet are level.

  • Straps on foot pedals should be loose enough to allow wiggle room but tight enough to be secured.

  • With both feet at the same level, position handgrips at about shoulder height.

    • Adjust handles by pressing the pin at the end of the handgrip. Remove the handgrip and reinsert it fully into another position and release the pin.

  • Drop into a mid squat position and begin climbing by taking a very short step stroke.

  • It is normal for your hands and feet to cramp up. This usually fades away by your third class. To help with foot cramping, the foot should be even, front to back

  • Point out the display (Quick Start, time spent climbing, feet climbed, length of stride), resistance knob, and quick start button.

  • Form - small squat, chest up and close to the climber (parallel to the spine of the versa)

  • Encourage climbers to stop and take breaks and go at their own pace.

  • Most of all, encourage them to have fun!


  • Make the intro high energy

  • Work the room - check form is correct, VersaClimber is setup correctly

    • Pull the mic away to correct someone’s form

    • Never make negative callouts

  • Always cueing, but never annoying. Annoying = saying the same number all the time “1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2….right left right left right left”

  • Make it fun

  • Be animated

  • Make sure you can be seen, heard and understood in the entire class

  • Make eye contact with clients, especially with new people

  • Always count down, not starting higher than 5

  • Coordinate exercises to the music

  • Call out people you know in the room



  • Count down starting with 4, 3, 2, 1

  • Use inflection in your voice

  • Speak with purpose, not to fill silence

  • Be authentic


  • Correct form throughout class


  • Use the Stride Length as guidelines

  • Use noises

  • Use body movement and levels

  • Give the climbers a target number to hit. It’s not necessary to give them the range of what short, middle and long range is


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