Welcome - Introduce yourself. Ask the class if there is anyone who has taken less than 5 classes and any injuries, then pay particular attention to those who are newer / who have injuries.

Equipment - walk through the machine for Newbies.

Demo - demo any new moves before class.


  • Your energy is contagious! Be positive & encouraging.

  • Use each client's name at least once during class.

  • Give a word of encouragement, advice or praise to each client at least once during class.

  • Touch/adjust each new client at least 3x during class.

  • At the end of class take a moment to THANK the class for coming to X-CORE, and offer to answer any questions.

  • If you have any new clients (green stars), approach them personally after class to check in and answer questions.

  • Gauge your clients - offer modifications if you see people falling out of moves. Offer advanced moves for experienced clients.

Best Practices

  • Try to make at least one positive call out to each individual during class.

  • Adjust and correct form.

  • Let the class know what’s coming up - Give cues at least 20 seconds before the next move. Demo the next move on a machine if there is a free one. If there isn’t a free machine, use someone as an example.

  • Always demo the move in front of the class, not behind the class.


  • do more than 2 moves at the back for Basics classes. Use good judgement.

  • make negative callouts into the mic. Walk up to the client, move the mic away from the face and correct them.

  • speak negatively about your team.


  • Routine should be fluid. That means transitions should be seamless and moves should make sense. Rule of thumb: If you’ve never done it before yourself, then don’t teach it.

  • Always offer modifications or advanced moves.


  • Cues

    • Be clear and concise;

  • Music

    • Music should be upbeat.

  • Don’t Dos