What you need to know about Lagree

Meet the creator.

Lagree fitness was invented by Sebastien Lagree, a former bodybuilder and fitness extraordinaire. Although based on pilates, Sebastian calls his patented machine the Megaformer, a “total gym” rather than just a simple pilates machine. Lagree fitness is for both men and women who want to experience the most innovative full body conditioning fitness method. Sebastien developed the Megaformer after realizing that traditional strength training workouts such as weightlifting, crossfit, etc. generally lacked core training among other shortcomings.

Celebrities love it!

Celebrities such as Sofía Vergara, Kim Kardashian, and Michelle Obama have given Lagree fitness a try and loved it. The unique aspect of Lagree fitness is the Megaformer machine. Made of moving platforms, handlebars, and a system of springs and pulleys, the megaformer uses your own body weight to work your upper and lower body, as well as your core. Sofía Vergara loved Lagree fitness so much that she bought her own machine and uses it 4 to 5 times a week. “I love it because it works out muscles I didn’t even know I had.” says Vergara.

About the Workout.

The workout itself is high intensity, yet easy on the joints. As one of the most effective workouts, you may experience muscle shakes when you first begin Lagree Fitness. This is a good thing! Your body is trying to compensate for the Megaformer’s movements and in process activating muscles you don’t usually use. More advanced Lagree Fitness users experience “the shakes” less frequently because of their bodies evolving and becoming conditioned  to the various exercises. The moving platform called the carriage is controlled by a series of adjustable springs that allow you to pull and push against resistance.

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Classes are just 40 minutes long and we offer classes for all fitness levels, from newbies to professional athletes. Come give our Megaformers a try!

“Fitness isn’t a seasonal hobby. Fitness is a lifestyle”